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Ten Songs to Motivate You for a Study Session

Imagine this scenario: You’ve got a major class test in a few days and you just can’t bring yourself to hit those books. It could be for any reason- you’re bored, school sucks, your teacher is a loser, whatever.

But you know what will help? A good song to get your blood pumping and to put you in just the right mood for a study session. It’s like preparing for a workout- except it’ll be a workout for your brain; it’s like a muscle too, you know. Furthermore, music has always been excellent for brain development.

So here are our top favorite study session songs:

1. Eye of the Tiger:

This is the best to listen to before you start a study session. It’s got great lyrics, and it’s from Rocky III- an amazing movie, indeed. Performed by that band The Survivors, this classic song preaches about focusing on the task at hand. And we believe it will definitely act as a great motivator.

2. We are the Champions:

Another classic- who can resist them? This one is by Queen, and you just can’t resist singing along with Freddie Mercury. “We are the champions and we’ll keep on fighting ‘til the end”- words to live by!

3. Lose Yourself:

If you happen to be a rap fan, look no further than Eminem’s award-winning Lose Yourself. With a steady beat that reverberates through you and lyrics based on Slim Shady’s character in his movie, 8 Mile. He raps about his struggles and how he overcame them. Since studying chapters of Physics after a full day in school can be a struggle, this can be a great motivator.

4. Titanium:

One can never go wrong with David Guetta. Throw in Sia and you have an awesome song in your hands- or your ears, rather. “You shoot me down, but I won’t fall, I am Titanium!”

5. I Feel Good:

James Brown’s classic has been a people pleaser and a cheer-upper since 1965. Featured in several movies and with many renditions by other performers- but nothing beats the original. Brown’s raspy voice makes it all better.

6. Dum, Jaan Mein Dum:

In the mood for some uplifting desi beats? How about Dum from that movie, Dum? With a metal rock biker theme and Sandeep Chowta’s raspy voice, this will have your frontal lobe wide awake.

7. Josh:

A stand-off between Shah Rukh Khan and what’s his name made this song quite popular in the good old days. You could be Shah Rukh and your tough chemistry homework can be your enemy- listen, sing along and kill it!

8. Aashayein:

Are you the type who likes soothing and lovely inspirational songs? Try Aashayein from Iqbal. With sweet lyrics about fulfilling your heart’s desires, this is a pretty good song.

9. Toota toota Ek Parinda:

Are you the devout type? Kailash Kher’s song will have you all sorted out then. If you tanked your last class test or just cannot memorize those formulas, this song will calm you down in a jiffy.

10. Zinda Hai Toh:

And one of the latest and bestest inspirational songs is from Bhaag Milkha Bhaag. Performed by Farhan Akhtar himself and inspired by a true life story, this is pretty awesome to listen to in any situation.

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