We reward you with every step you take in the right direction. Below is a list of events that lead to you earning more reward points. See our merchandise section to go through our catalog of items that you can redeem from the reward points you collect. Interesting, isn’t it?


Rewards from adaptive learning activities:

  • Model Test
  • Topic Completion
  • Time spent on completing a chapter
  • Adherence to practice test schedule
  • Standard test participation
  • Time spent on answering standard test questions
  • Ranking in standard test exam
  • Live test participation
  • Time spent on answering live test questions
  • Ranking in live test exam

Rewards from gamification activities:

  • Level 2 Exercise completion
  • Level 3 Exercise completion
  • Challenge test requests
  • Winning a challenge test
  • Content revisions
  • Positive change to recommended focus areas
  • Increase in skill level, unlock new content
  • Negative points for inactive periods

Rewards from community and collaboration activities:

  • Posting questions to forum
  • Responses to forum questions
  • Best answer to a forum question

Joy of Winning

Earn while you learn with our adaptive learning platform.

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