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Rewards Engine Success: Won Nexus 6 worth Rs. 30000!

Niharika, the Rewards Engine pro and now, the proud owner of a Nexus 6.

Niharika, the Rewards Engine pro and now, the proud owner of a Nexus 6.

One of our most talked about features is definitely the Rewards Engine. It’s a nifty little rewards system designed to encourage students to learn and earn at the same time. And let’s be honest, who wouldn’t want a nice little reward for studying hard? We reckon your parents would like that too!

How does it Work?

Corsalite’s adaptive learning platform also has gamification features. You do something good, you get a reward. In this case, you earn currency or coins as you learn, take tests, challenge your friends for a quiz-off and so on. Once you have enough currency in your virtual pocket, you can go to the rewards section, pick something you like and pay for it with your virtual currency. Cool, eh?

With your virtual currency, you could buy Corsalite t-shirts, mugs, pens, or a Nexus 6 worth Rs. 30,000- like Niharika G did. A student of Narayana College, Kukatpally, Niharika is enrolled in the EAMCET course.

Words With Niharika

Since, Niharika is a very busy girl, here’s a short interview with her:

Q. How do you like Corsalite?
A. I’m pretty glad I joined Corsalite. I’ve been studying very well for the EAMCET on this platform.

Q. And how do you feel about getting a reward worth of Rs. 30,000?
A. I am feeling very happy and it gives me more enthusiasm -and a great incentive
– to practice. The Earn while you Learn program is something that would appeal to many… I never expected such a gift. Thank you!

Q. Have you found any change in your practice methods or an improvement in your scores?
A. The content quality is very high in this platform. And there are plenty of opportunities for getting good practice. Thanks to that my marks have improved rather drastically.

Q. Would you recommend Corsalite to any one?
A. Definitely!

Isn’t she sweet? Thanks for your time and kind words, Niharika!

The Rewards Engine is a success thanks to all the hard work students put in. And if you’d like to see the results of the Rewards Engine, sign up, work hard, and win!

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