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The Top Six Perks of Online Learning


We believe that the future of education lies in online learning. With the internet reaching farther into the remote corners of the world, and technological innovations making learning more interesting, online learning is well on its way to becoming a norm. And it’s not just schools that embrace online learning. Colleges offer certificate courses online, and many companies offer training online too.

But, as with everything else, here too you will find the nay-sayers. There are people who discount online learning simply because it is not ‘traditional,’ nor is it as wide-spread as traditional methods of learning. While online learning still has a lot of room for improvement, ruling it out entirely is not the best way to go.

If you’re still on the fence about online learning, here are some advantages of e-learning as we see it:

1. Variety


You can find courses online that you probably won’t find in a center near you. With several platforms offering courses ranging from web programming and creating apps, to preparatory courses for competitive exams like the GRE, GMAT and so on, the choice is endless.

2. No Transportation


Or atleast not much. Since you can sit right in your home and learn on your smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop. Or you could be sitting in a Café Coffee Day, sipping a nice latte while taking an online quiz. And since you’ll be learning right from home, you (and your parents) don’t have to worry about skipping classes either.

3. Cost Effective


You could be learning new skills and preparing for competitive exams for free, or at a rate much lesser than your usual neighborhood tuition. Of course, the cost is not indicative of quality. There are plenty of high quality courses being offered for free on Coursera, UDemy, and so on. In most cases, you won’t be lugging around big textbooks because course material is included in the course you sign up for.

4. Flexible Learning


Most online courses are built around the fact that you have a busy life offline. It could be school work or just work. Besides, not everybody learns at the same speed and style, right? Hence, the learn-at-your-pace theme in e-learning. You can learn where you want, when you want at a pace comfortable for you.

5. Better Retention


Since online learning requires you to be highly motivated to learn and finish your coursework on time, you’re bound to have a better attitude towards learning. And when you learn better, you retain better. It has been found that in some cases, the course completion rate isn’t as important as the intentions of the students- which is to learn as much and as well as possible. Online courses can often be better organized as well, leading to less confusion about syllabus, what appears in a test, etc.

6. Better Teachers


Online courses are most often taught by teachers who are experts in their fields, with good teaching techniques.  Since online courses can involve video lectures, podcasts, and colorful reading material, it can be a better experience than attending dull, noisy tuitions.

So, there you go. Our top six reasons for you to do online learning. Some of these may not seem very relevant to you. But, give try doing a course online, and you will see that they can be just as effective as classroom learning. Good luck!

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