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How to Focus while Studying

We live in times of attention deficiency. There are plenty of things to distract us from things that really need our attention- like studying for an upcoming exam. And if you happen to be an online student, things can get even trickier as you’ll be trying to use the very device that distracts you to study instead.

Fortunately, with a bit of self-control- and perhaps a stern word from your mum- you can bring back your attention to your books.

1. Banish your cellphone: Since cellphones are practically an appendage of the body for most of us, this can be a tough one. But, put it on silent, turn of the blinking notification lights and stash it under your pillow. Better yet, hand it over to your mother for safekeeping. You can make things a bit easier for yourself by allotting time to check messages- every hour or so.

2. Close all windows (the ones on the screen): shut down all social media pages and other useless time-suck sites. Keep open only those sites that are relevant to your studying. If you have no control over your social media surfing, the next point will help.

3. Use apps to Focus better: Use website blockers like SelfRestraint and SelfControl, and software blockers to keep yourself away from afore-mentioned time-suck websites. You can even try apps like Rescue Time to manage your time better.


4. Switch to paper: Instead of taking notes on your laptop or desktop, try using a proper notebook. This would be an excellent way to shift your attention away from unnecessary digital distractions.

5. Train your mind: Start slow. You can’t turn into a focused study-yogi in just one sitting. Start by giving up surfing the net for a solid hour and studying in that time. Then say ‘au revoir’ to your cellphone for a short while everyday. And so on.

6. Location, Location: This phrase isn’t appropriate just for real estate. Choosing an ideal location for learning is as important as retiring from social media for an hour. choose a quiet location- be it your desk, the rooftop, or your garden. put on some ambient noise and see if it helps.

You may be saying ‘duh’ after some of these points. They are pretty obvious. But many of us have trouble focusing on work thanks to these wonderful distractions. So give these tips a try and save yourself from some ADHD.

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