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GRE Infographic: All You Need to Know!

All about the GRE.

The GRE is one of the most popular exams taken by people around the world. It acts as a doorway to colleges abroad, and to a wide variety of graduate programs. It’s designed to show your strengths- mainly your quantitative/logical skills, your verbal skills and a bit of your analytical skills.

If you’re showing even the remotest bit of interest in the GRE, you’re obviously interested in doing a course abroad- or you know someone who is. This GRE infographic answers any questions you might have on the exam itself.

All about the GRE.

So, there you have it. A GRE infographic on the salient points about the GRE exam. Some of you might be wondering if business schools accept GRE scores or just the GMAT. Several top business programs do, including Stanford. But, you’ll have to go through their Requirements Page- just to make sure. Furthermore, the scores for each program differ too. One might need exceptionally high scores, yet another might be happy with slightly above average ones. So, make sure you know what your preferred programs prefer.

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