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GRE English vs Normal English: The GRE Verbal

What's the GRE Verbal really like?

What's the GRE Verbal really like?


What’s the GRE Verbal really like?

Many people tend to ignore the GRE verbal section, since according to them, its just English. Indeed, we Indians have been trained right from a young age to believe that math and science are at the top of the food chain, hence requiring more attention, than languages.

But, the English you encounter in the GRE verbal section is a lot different from the one you use in daily life and conversation. Unless you read a whole lot of magazines like The Economist or the Scientific American, and are a fan of British Literature in its unabridged form, you’re going to need help.

Furthermore, neglecting the GRE verbal section can prove to be quite harmful to your score. The verbal section is not only difficult, but requires you to have a strong vocabulary and the ability to easily comprehend long-winding sentences. And believe us, there will be plenty of difficult words and sentences in the verbal section! The reading comprehension section is known to have stymied plenty of test-takers. The Fill in the Blanks questions have befuddled many a scholar. All-in-all, if your English isn’t as good as the GRE Verbal section demands, then you need to knuckle down and read, read, read and practice writing as well.

Now is the GRE English really all that difficult, you may wonder. Your brother/cousin/sister didn’t think so. Well, they probably prepared well, then. To illustrate the difference between normal English- what us lay men speak and use everyday- and GRE English, here are some favorite idioms and proverbs translated into GRE Speak. If you’re wondering what an ‘idiom’ is, then boy, are you in trouble!

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