Q. What is gamification of education?

A. Gamification is just what it sounds like- applying the principles of games in non-game context. In other words, turning learning into a game. Just like in a video game with different levels, you will find points and scoreboards, challenges and rewards here. Corsalite’s gamification engine lets you-

  • Unlock new content as you clear levels.
  • Earn reward points for your good work.
  • Gain public recognition for completing tasks.
  • Collaborate with others to accomplish goals.
  • Challenge your peers.
  • Keep learning until you become an expert.

Q. So how does it work again?

A. Corsalite has a robust rewards algorithm built into every step of the way. Every action taken by you is observed and rewarded accordingly. However, though higher achievement earns you more points, the Corsalite rewards system is based on more than that. Your actions towards reading, learning, participation, practice tests, time spent on a topic, forum participation and so on, are all duly noted and rewarded.

Challenge Tests

Challenge Tests are an excellent way to brag about your knowledge and your performance. You can invite your friends to a challenge on any subject or a chapter or even a topic. The prize will be the points you have. The winner wins the points while the loser loses the waged points. This can help you prepare for the real thing. Since you will be competing against friends of your choice, you can always keep the competition fair and at a relatively similar skill level. Start experiencing how winning feels like with Challenge tests. And don’t forget to redeem the points you win for great value merchandize.

“You have to dream before your dreams can come true.”– A. P. J. Abdul Kalam

Unlock new content

Just like in any game, Corsalite let’s you unlock new levels and new content as you explore the tool. The more you use the tool the more content you unlock and it becomes a part of your accessible content. Unlocking new content also earns you reward points for reaching a certain level of skill.

“Continuous effort – not strength or intelligence – is the key to unlocking our potential.”– Winston Churchill

Joy of Competing

Challenge your peers and test your limits with unlimited practice tests and peer challenges.

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