How does the course work?

The foundation course is aimed at strengthening students’ conceptual clarity of the fundamentals of Physics, Chemistry and Maths. This course introduces IIT- level concepts in increasing levels of complexity throughout the foundation years- making the student achieve a deeper level of conceptual understanding.

Corsalite offers: theory, three levels of exercises, and five levels of test questions with detailed solutions.

Through its adaptive learning technology, Corsalite constantly gives you feedback and shows you the areas you need to focus on. Corsalite’s practice tests cover all levels of complexity across different concepts. While practicing and learning foundation course concepts, you will be navigating through some advanced questions from JEE MAIN and ADVANCED.

Earn rewards while learning and advance your knowledge. Challenge your friends and get yourself accustomed to speed and accuracy, improve your confidence level while competing with peers. Best of all, redeem your points for our awesome merchandise. Who knows? You may actually earn back more than what you spend toward Corsalite’s subscription fees.

Course Objectives:

Introduce IIT concepts year over year starting from basic to expert level. Make learning fun and exhilarating. Reward achievements and set up yourself for success when it most matters.

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