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Are you a Master Procrastinator? Four Causes and Cures


Name of disease: Procrastination.

Unnecessarily putting off potentially important tasks. Incessant daydreaming. An overwhelming urge to clean one’s desk/wardrobe/room right after or even before beginning a task. A desire to check and update all social media profiles. An overwhelming urge to do anything other than what one must do. Or perhaps do nothing at all.

Cause of Disease:
Procrastination is something that continues to fascinate psychologists and behavior scientists. No matter how many books are written on the subject, however many posts are created, procrastinating behavior persist.

So why do people procrastinate?

Cause- 1: Fear of Failure.
We don’t like failing. We don’t even like the thought of failing. And many choose not to do a task at all for the fear of failure. Watching a Spongebob episode instead of writing that dreaded essay is one such incident.

Cause- 2: Fear of Success.
A strange cause, but this is in keeping with a fear of expectations. In other words, we fear that once we do something really well, we’ll have to do everything else that follows really well too. Nobody wants their parents to think that their child is so perfect that they will never do a thing wrong.


Cause- 3: Cluelessness.
If you don’t know how to do something well, you’re not going to do it. For instance, if you are not good at picking up languages, then that language class in school is not something you’ll be looking forward to.


Cause- 4: Boredom.
If Maths just plain puts you to sleep, you won’t feel like solving those exercises. Boredom with a task can also be caused by a difference in skill level. If we feel that a task is beneath us, then we will procrastinate.

If it’s fear holding you back, then take a minute, evaluate whether you have the ability to do the task. If you have trouble arriving at a solution, then as a friend or your teacher for help.

If it’s cluelessness holding you back, read up on the task, ask for help from those who have done the task before you. Or just Google it.

If it’s boredom that’s holding you back, suck it up and do your task anyway. Find ways to make your task challenging. For instance, you could time yourself to see how fast you do it without compromising the quality. Solve 25 problems in 25 minutes and see how well you do.

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