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Adaptive Learning Platform: What it can do for You


zoom-6722154-2Many believe that now is a period of Renaissance in the education industry. There are major changes being brought about and innovations being made in this field in the hopes of ensuring that no student falls through the cracks. And one such innovation is the adaptive learning platform.

What is an Adaptive Learning Platform?

When you don’t do well in a particular topic or a subject, you concentrate more on it, practice more, learn it better so that you do perform better in it. That’s the guiding principle behind Adaptive Learning. The online learning program takes note of your performance in a variety of topics, analyses it and modifies itself to help you improve upon your weaker points.

Here are some examples of how it helps:
• You are prepping for GRE and you got all problems involving Prime Factorization wrong. The Adaptive Learning platform will offer you more explanations and more problems on that topic.

• Your 12th Board Exam is just months away and you need improvement in Organic Chemistry. The platform will offer you more questions on the same and help you find more material on the topic.

In other words, the adaptive Learning Platform is like your own personal tutor. It personalizes itself to your needs and makes sure that at the end of your course, you are an expert in what was once your failing.

Will it Work for You?

This platform is not just for those in need of improvement. It can also be used by those looking for challenges in their favorite topics. One feature of the Adaptive Learning platform is that it throws difficult and challenging problems at those performing well in all topics. It has something to offer to students at all levels of learning.

Adaptive Learning at its core uses something called the Goal Theory. It’s what drives you and me and every other student to learn something. According to this theory, if you happen to be task-involved, if you’re motivated enough to perform a task, then you’ll have a vested interest in its outcome. And nothing is more involving than taking initiative and learning to improve. If you have the drive to be really good at something, then this will work for you.

Furthermore, since this is basically online learning, it can happen at your own pace. All you need is a laptop or a tablet or even a cellphone with good internet connection, and you’re set. And what’s better than not being in a classroom, but in your room or your favorite café?

Corsalite’s Adaptive Learning Platform includes real-time classes- some of which might even be given by your favorite teacher. You can ask questions, pit yourself against another student here and challenge your friends from school in a math-fight. With our timely report cards, you can score brownie points with your parents and your teachers alike.

Sign up now for discounts and great prizes. And don’t forget to let your friends know about us on Facebook and Twitter. Got comments or questions on this post? Leave them below. We’ll get back to you ASAP!

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