Our Philosophy

“Every aspiring student should have equal opportunity and access to top quality education taught by accomplished lecturers and be given the opportunity to live their dream. When learning becomes joy and competing becomes enjoyable, then studying becomes effortless and knowledge transforms into wisdom.”

We are an online test preparation platform that uses adaptive learning and gamification of principles. This serves the trio- student, parent and the institute. Corsalite has been conceptualized and developed in the US, by experts with over 200 years of combined IT experience. We believe that digital education and online test preparation platforms are the answers to the needs of today’s students who prefer that extra bit of help in preparing for competitive exams.

So What Do We Offer?
Here at Corsalite, we believe that each student has their own unique needs. To ace competitive exams, they need a personalized tool so that they can learn at their own pace and get all the practice they require- something we know cannot be achieved very easily 24×7 in our Indian education system’s context.

Our tool with its unique features gives students all the study material they need and the power to create their own tests. Furthermore, Corsalite gives you the capability to test their knowledge anytime, anywhere they want, reinforcing focus on their weak areas. Five levels of difficulty keep a student motivated, grounded and focused.

The Fun Bit
We also have a fun element built into the system, creating healthy competition between students by medium of challenge tests. This is designed to improve a student’s performance, give them confidence and remove any fear of exams they may have. Earning little coins and racking them up as they learn throughout their online test preparation can, in the end, even get them a nice little gift.

For Parents and For Institutes
Parents can keep a close eye on their wards’ performance and be a part of their education. You can check in on your child’s progress through their lessons and schedule tests for them to practice.

Institutes, on another hand, also greatly benefit out of this zero-cost technology platform. Since it is a SaaS (Software as a Service) product, it has zero installation, maintenance and administration cost. We also promise to save much of the time lost by highly qualified lecturers in operational and administrative responsibilities. Institutes also have an option to put their own content for their student population. All of this comes with comprehensive dashboards, graphs and reports for the student, parent and the institute.

– The Corsalite Team

Corporate Office

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